Watch “Lauren Daigle – My Revival (Audio)” on YouTube

My Revival Lauren Daigle Lyrics I will run and not grow wearyI will walk, I will not faintI will soar on wings like eaglesFind my rest in your everlasting name You are my revivalJesus on you I waitAnd I'll lean on your promiseYou will renew my strength I will run and not grow wearyI will … Continue reading Watch “Lauren Daigle – My Revival (Audio)” on YouTube


Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts By Silver Trees Feat. Bailey Jehl ... Here's the story, here we are Falling forward into parts Playing something into nothing till we know it ‘s not ours All we have is something simple All we know is what's been gone Going into some dramatic, static pause Whoever can leave here first, wherever … Continue reading Paper Hearts

Valentine’s Getaway in Cebu

I've never been on a plane and I was so excited when a friend of mine invited us to join their Cebu trip on Valentine's day. It was supposedly their family trip , however his girlfriend won't be allowed without us - trustworthy friends. Two weeks before our trip , I posted on our Byaheng … Continue reading Valentine’s Getaway in Cebu

Dear Mr. Right: I Can’t Love You That Way Anymore

Dear Mr. Right,

Just a heads up: this might not make you feel butterflies or see hearts.

I’m assuming you’ve read the thousand of books and posts out there on the qualities “God’s Perfect Choice” should have. Of course you have, you’re a godly man. The truth is, I have always wanted you to be the epitome of what everyone would call “The One”. You know how some people say that from the very first time you lay your eyes on that one person, you just know? Well, I have a type. And this entire time, I have waited for that leap of recognition when I look at faces that pass this physical standard. I have held a list up to every guy who dares to get close to me, trying to see how many qualities on my list he lives up to, trying to rate and trying to see…

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Pinto Art Musuem : A door to arts and nature

July 30, 2016 "And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." -Colossians 3:14   The most awaited photoshoot bonding/ VG/ Ruth's despedida came true. We always plan to go outisde Bulacan but due to schedule conflict and other circumstances , it's the first that our trip this … Continue reading Pinto Art Musuem : A door to arts and nature

I love you, but I’m not waiting for you.

I’m not waiting for you because I’m choosing to love you the best way I can. Corrie taught me that the best way for me to love you is to re-route my love for you to God and ask Him to love you for me. I’m asking God to love you for me because I know that He loves you more than I do, that He will give you the love I can never give you; that He will give you the perfect love in the perfect way – a love nothing can prevent nor destroy.

charlene manalang


Dear Friend,

From telling you simple greetings like “Good morning” and “Good night” to random things like what I’m doing, where I’m going and who I’m with, all the way down to my deepest emotions, fears and desires, I have devolved into just saying “Hello” and mostly “Good bye.”

I used to tell you everything.

There are so many things I want to tell you. From the most random things like I cried while watching ‘Finding Dory’ and I cried more while watching ‘Me Before You’ down to the most blissful things like I’m becoming a better writer, singer, daughter, sister, discipler, disciple, servant and friend, I want to tell you everything.

There are so many questions I want to ask you. From the most generic questions like “Have you eaten?” “What are you doing?” and “How was your day?” down to the most difficult questions like “Are you okay?”…

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I Will Never Pursue You


Maybe I’m beginning to like you a lot,
but I will never pursue you.
Around me, I’m tempted by all these pawns
calling me to use them,
looking me in the eye, saying
maybe you and I can ”accidentally” bump into each other in a coffee shop;
maybe we can schedule “friendly dates” with a bunch of conniving friends;
maybe I can start “innocent” topics with you over that gleaming chat box,
ask you things that no one would brand as bad,
I can even send you “wrong sends.”
But even this early, I realized
that albeit pawns are the most numerous pieces in a game,
at the end of the day,
they are but
the weakest.


Don’t get me wrong -
I want to be with you.
Just to get to know you more,
I am ready to manipulate
so many things -

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A Love Letter from Jesus


My child, don’t let this world cause you to lose sight of me. I see you, I made you, I know the thoughts that I think towards you (Jeremiah 29:11). I want to bless you, but I need you to follow and trust me. You cannot earn my grace or my love, and you won’t lose it, but I need you to stay in my will.
Many times you chased behind certain people that you didn’t need in your life, but I allowed you to go after them for you to see that they will never complete you. You chased that girl and she broke your heart. You chased that guy and he didn’t treat you how you deserved. I tried to warn you but you never noticed they were bad for you, but I want you to learn from those experiences. I am with you. I am with you…

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Dear Pretty Lady: You Are Not Cheap

Dear Pretty Lady,

I know there’s so much more to you than a pretty face and an attractive body.

So let me say this: you are worth far more than a booty call or a flirty text. You deserve more than mixed signals and promises unfulfilled. You cannot be demeaned by catcalls and lingering gazes.

You do not have to reveal your body to get men to like you. You do not have to distinguish your value based on the number of likes you get on social media. You do not have to post an album of selfies and bikini shots just to show everyone how pretty you are. You do not have to have a new boyfriend every time a relationship fails because it makes you feel secure. You do not have to starve yourself thin just so you can be as physically attractive as the photoshopped women on…

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